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Have you thought about a reverse mortgage?

Heard about it but unsure if you qualify or if it's the 'right fit'?

Unsure of what other options you may have?

As a licensed mortgage broker I can offer multiple solutions to your financing needs.  Whether it be a traditional mortgage, home equity line of credit, or a reverse mortgage, I can help you search out ALL available financial solutions.  Download my FREE Reverse Mortgage Guide to find out the details and 'fine print' of these types of products, and then compare with  the other financial options that exist.  My goal is to help you make the most informed financial decision possible.

Reverse Mortgage Consultation

Planning process

We start by discussing your current financial situation, and then make a solid plan to help you achieve your goals.  If you are skeptical about reverse mortgages, I am the perfect guy to talk to!   As your personal mortgage broker, I am here to offer my expertise in finding you ALL available options.  If you have a stable income we will look into a mortgage or a HELOC product; a reverse mortgage is not for everyone, but for the clients that it fits it can be truly life altering!!  I am able to help you with many different types of financing and would love the opportunity to help you navigate the many options available.
Ryan Majeau Reverse Mortgage Expert

Your Mortgage Expert

As a licensed mortgage broker, I am here to offer you educated unbiased advice.  I received my education through UBC's Sauder School of Business and am licensed through our provincial regulator FICOM.  I am your local reverse mortgage expert and am able to help with all other aspects of home financing.  Being able to offer so many different products allows me to tailor a solution to help you maximize your finances.  My advise is always FREE and CONFIDENTIAL!  My goal is to help you live life with more financial freedom and take advantage of what opportunities you may not even know exist!

Reverse Mortgage Expert

Stress free living

There are multiple ways a reverse mortgage can help you regain some financial freedom.  You can take out a lump sum payment to pay off debts, help your children with tuition or a down payment, renovate, travel, the list goes on and on.   Or if you are just looking to have some better cash flow monthly we can set up automatic payments to be deposited into your account, TAX FREE and without effecting your other income or pension!  If you feel you are living pay check to pay check, or just 'getting by', let me help you regain some financial independence and start enjoying new opportunities!

Download my FREE Reverse Mortgage Guide to learn all about Reverse Mortgages and if they are a right fit for YOU!  Sign up to receive my CONFIDENTIAL information package which details the pros and cons and gives you the information to make your own educated decision about your different financial options!

Download My FREE Reverse Mortgage Guide

"The power of a reverse mortgage can change your life!"

~Leon W.

Do you qualify?

Are you 55 years old or older?

Do you own your own home?

Do you want financial freedom and security?

Did you know?

A reverse mortgage is TAX FREE!

You do NOT need to make payments

You maintain title and ownership of YOUR home

Part of the reverse mortgage guide I can provide to you FREE of charge is laid out in a simple 'frequently asked question' section to make you informed about reverse mortgages without a lot of 'fine print' or fancy terminology.

Reverse Mortgage vs HELOC
What is the differences between a reverse mortgage and a home equity line of credit?  2 main differences are; a HELOC requires income to qualify for, and payments to be made once money is borrowed.  A reverse mortgage is TAX FREE income based on the equity of your home, not income, and there are NO PAYMENTS needed until you sell your home.

Canada vs USA
There are a lot of horror stories of reverse mortgages gone wrong.  Most of these stories come from the US.  We have stricter guidelines and the procedure as a whole is quite different.  The ownership remains your and title is registered just like a typical mortgage.

No Payments
Your payments are deferred and added to your principal mortgage balance.  You are able to make payments if you wish and can be set up automatically.  A frequent set up is to make monthly payments to pay down just the interest that is accruing.  Either way your home is most likely increasing in value year over year building more equity the longer you stay in your home.

Tax FREE Income
Are you currently on C.P.P., O.A.S., or a fixed pension?  Most investment or retirement financial options give you taxable income, which effects your yearly income tax, as well as any government assistance you may currently receive.  A reverse mortgage is TAX FREE INCOME!

Lucky Number 55
If you are 55 years old, or older, and have equity in your home you can access up to 55% of it though a CHIP Reverse Mortgage.  Depending on your age, property value, location, and marketability you will get a percentage of the value of your home.  The product is calculated as to guarantee you will always remain in your home, payment free!

Download my FREE Reverse Mortgage Guide to learn all about Reverse Mortgages and if they are a right fit for YOU!  Sign up to receive my CONFIDENTIAL information package which details the pros and cons and gives you the information to make your own educated decision about your different financial options!

Download My FREE Reverse Mortgage Guide

About Your Broker

Ryan Majeau Reverse Mortgage Expert

My name is Ryan Majeau and I am a licensed mortgage broker with Dominion Lending Centres based out of Penticton BC. I am a married family man with 2 beautiful children. My wife is a registered nurse at the hospital and our children keep us busy with preschool, soccer, swimming, and enjoying all the area has to offer. We love the Okanagan lifestyle and I am lucky enough to help people find their own piece of paradise (or stay in it) here! I have been a mortgage broker since 2015 and love working with clients on purchases, renewals, refinances and all other forms of mortgage financing. I decided to learn everything about the Reverse Mortgage product once I saw the benefit to the clients and the resulting life changing effect they had. The Reverse Mortgage product is a true life saver for the clients who qualify, and there are many success stories I can share. As a licensed mortgage broker I can help you with your Reverse Mortgage, AND I am able to discuss what other financial options you may have. Whether it is a 'typical' mortgage, home equity line of credit 'HELOC', or Reverse Mortgage, I am able to help you navigate the many options that exist in our market.

What is in the Guide?

Free Reverse Mortgage Guide

In the Reverse Mortgage Guide, provided to you for FREE

You will find detailed information on;

  • How to apply
  • Who is eligible
  • Requirements
  • How much you qualify for
  • Pros and Cons
  • Alternatives
  • Costs and Fees
  • Rates and Penalties
  • Canada vs USA
  • How the system works
  • What happens if you move
  • If you already have a mortgage

Client Testimonials

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Mary M. Pritchard, British Columbia
Major life changes can happen at any time. For Mary, 67, her divorce after 40 years of marriage presented some challenges. A priority for Mary was that her home was comfortable and well-maintained.

Mary used her home equity to finance maintenance and improvements to her home. She accessed about 40% of the equity in her home with a CHIP Reverse Mortgage. Taken as a lump sum, the money financed the construction of a new deck and garage. A hot tub purchase is also planned in the near future.

Mary also used some of the money for cash flow.


"It is easy to adjust to retirement knowing that my future was financially secure."


"The CHIP Reverse Mortgage gave me my freedom and my home back."

Frank M. Vancouver, British Columbia
Frank, 68, owns a legal consulting firm and wanted to invest more into marketing his company in order to compete with other firms. He needed $500,000 to invest in his business, but he still had a $200,000 home equity line of credit (HELOC) he needed to pay off.

Frank did some research to find out if he could borrow against his home equity and he discovered the CHIP Reverse Mortgage solution.

Frank accessed about 25% of the equity in his home with a CHIP Reverse Mortgage. With no regular payments, Frank used the CHIP Reverse Mortgage to pay off his HELOC and with the remaining funds, he invested in his business. Frank couldn’t be happier. He says, "I can now concentrate on building a better business knowing that my company has access to the best resources possible."

Isabel W. Nanaimo, British Columbia
Isabel, 63, a self-employed freelance writer wanted to start fresh after her recent divorce, but was struggling to finance her home renovations because she was putting 45% of her monthly income towards her mortgage.

Isabel went to her bank and was introduced to the CHIP Reverse Mortgage, an ideal solution to help pay off her mortgage without any regular monthly payments.

With the CHIP Reverse Mortgage, Isabel was now able to increase her monthly cash flow and her quality of life. By completing her renovations, she was also able to increase the value of her home and start a new chapter in her life.

"HomEquity Bank provided me with a solution to increase my monthly cash flow and enabled me to improve my life after a tough divorce."

Jerry C. Coquitlam, British Columbia
Jerry, 86, retired over 20 years ago and has lived in his home for over 35 years. In 2013, Jerry sought advice from his bank to help manage his accumulating debt from credit cards and mortgage payments. He was presented with a line of credit, which he took out.

By 2015, his line of credit had maxed out and he was no longer able to pay for his mortgage and other loans. To make matters worse, Jerry was told that foreclosure proceedings would begin on his home.

Jerry saw a commercial on TV about the CHIP Reverse Mortgage and he decided to contact HomEquity Bank to find out more about this solution. Knowing that he would not need to worry about any more monthly mortgage payments, Jerry happily accepted and took a CHIP Reverse Mortgage to pay off a large portion of his line of credit, consolidate his other debts and best of all, he was able to continue living in his home.

"The CHIP Reverse Mortgage allowed me to stay in my home and finally enjoy my retirement"

~ Violet C.